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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be visited by a rep?

NO. We arrange ALL loans speedily through the post unless you specifically request otherwise. The process is simple enough, we have no desire to complicate it by using reps.

How much can I borrow?

Any amount from £5,000 - £250,000. Occasionally we even process loans for greater amounts. The most popular loan amounts are between £5,000 - £75,000.

How low are the rates and repayments?

Rates start from just 8.9% APR vairiable. And it's our policy to offer every customer the very lowest rate available to us.

Will may application be dealt with confidentially?

YES. We adhere strictly to confidentiality guidelines set out by FISA, as well as the letter of the law from the Information Commissioner.

Can my repayments be covered by insurance?

YES they can. In the event you were unable to make the repayments due to redundancy, sickness, or even an accident at work, your repayments (subject to certain exclusions and terms) will be made for you directly by the insurer. The majority of our customers opt for this valuable cover.

Can I repay my loan early?

YES you can. If you do so, you will benefit from a rebate of interest. This means you will not have to pay all the interest that would have been due, if the loans was to run its full term, so ultimately the total cost of your loan will be less.

What if I don't have enough equity in my property?

No problem! We can provide loans that allow you to borrow up to 125% of the value of your home.

Included within a wide range of loan options, are plans that are available for people who may have had difficulty getting a loan, due to circumstances such as credit or equity problems. We can help.

Will I get the same quality of service even if I've had credit problems?

Of course. Our dedication to providing a truly unbeatable service for every customer is without compromise. So if you have CCJs, arrears or similar credit problems - we should be able to help!

What if I'm retired or self-employed with no proof of income?

We can help. Because we specialise in the Loans business, we concentrate our efforts in removing barriers, making it easier for everyone to apply for a loan.